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"Racing Past Liberty"
A nostalgic view of New York Harbor in the 1920’s

New York City after the turn of the Century was the major shipping port in the United States. Ocean liners, sailing ships, cargo, and people were moved into and out of New York’s harbor by the workhorses of the waterfront: the tugboats. In this painting of a windswept morning by maritime artist Paul Bender, two tugboats from rival companies have found themselves in a friendly race to see who will be first to cross before the Statue of Liberty. The tall stacks and classic lines of these tugboats recall New York Harbor its heyday.

Edition 100 S/N
Size 12" x 19.75"
Price $125

Edition 100 S/N
Size 16" x 26"
Price $165

Shipping on all orders is $8.

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